“What Do I Do?” by General-J

“What Do I Do?” by General-J

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What do I do,
when the odds of failure is stacked against me with low return,
when the tables of everyday living turns sharp as a fresh blade,
when the bridges I built for others crash and burn to the soil.

What do I do,
when the past memories of depression haunts me like a bloody terror scene,
when the skeletons bust out the closet like a swat team with a hundred rounds,
when my defeated demons rise from the dead and attack my only soul left to fight.

What do I do,
when my brightest mind turn black as my heart towards the flame of anger,
when my emotions become numb as anesthesia to the brain,
when my expressive voice becomes silent as the moment given.

What do I do,
when I stand on my ground that I built with the hands of God,
when I shout my inner rage to the enemies below my stature,
when I offer my repentance of the damage I created throughout the suffering years of youth.

What do I do,
when there is nothing else left to do.

“Stuck.” by General-J

“Stuck.” by General-J

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Stuck with no guidance in life,
fighting each day with the bare knuckles that remain,
battered, bruised cases of hopeless memories I wish to forget.

Walk in my black shoes of darkness,
witness the pain strike like lightning in the sky,
the tears of anger raining heavy with no severe warning.

Stuck in the same little spot since day one,
my mouth, mind, and soul sealed tight with life’s pressure,
asking God to break it open with his razor sharp raft of greatness.

The vision of my future in plain horizon,
sitting pretty around life’s rough obstacles,
carefully removing the sticky glue of despair and doubt,
I promise I will break free.

“Lonely” by General-J

“Lonely” by General-J

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If you think you’re lonely now,
wait until the day your family passes, with having no family of your own.

If you think you’re lonely now,
wait until your sibling cuts you off
due to pure jealousy, and hate towards your purpose in life.

If you think you’re lonely now,
wait until your mother who birthed you keep you out of contact, throughout the most important memories of your life.

If you think you’re lonely now,
wait until your significant other leaves you, thinking about all the constant work you put in go to waste.

If you think you’re lonely now,
wait until the moment you realize that having God’s spirit, will make you feel not lonely at all.

“Independence Day.” by General-J

“Independence Day.” by General-J

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Waking up to the smell of fresh brewed coffee,
served with a hot plate of today’s problems.

Grab the keys to my future,

heading out the door into the cold world of hate.

I become aware of the surroundings with each step,
race-baiters swirling around like coconut and chocolate frosting.

Focusing on my spirits within me,
fighting each war of struggle to the brink of elimination.

Shooting messages of anger and frustration to my enemies,
hoping they will bleed out the back-stabbing memories.

I have been shot with the lingering news of family tragedy,
A lifelong mission that’s soon to be aborted.

Laying down to the smell of blood and smoke,
served with a cold glass of life’s freedom.