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When it comes to headphones, it can be quite a hassle. From dealing with the high prices, only to have them break or wear out in the long run. Wasting hundreds of dollars when you could’ve gotten headphones on Amazon that delivers the same quality if not better for a much lesser price.

I have gone through approximately 20 – 30 pairs of headphones in the last 3 years. Still, last year I decided to do some research on Amazon and find wireless headphones that I could get for less but have the same quality as the Bluetooth headphones that are priced in the multi-hundreds.

I have brought 3 headphones that I consider to be very beneficial in regards to sound quality, durability, and the hours of playtime. I have listed the 3 options below divided by each preference audience.


Product Name: Xclear Bluetooth Wireless Headphones with Charging Case

Price: $31.99

Pt Hours: 5hrs (1 Charge) 14hrs (W/Charging Case)

Charge Time: Varies

Noise Cancelling: Yes

Call Capability: Yes


I was thinking about getting some AirPods, but I looked at the price and realized that it was kind of out my budget at the time. That’s when I decided to try out the XClear headphones. They are an excellent alternative if you want exceptional sound quality with a luxury appeal of AirPods.

Audience/Who Is It For?

If you are a fan of AirPods but want an excellent alternative that delivers while also being an affordable price, then these headphones are a great addition to your music activities and everyday wear.

Product Overview:

Xclear headphones come with a portable charging case that shows you a percentage of the battery so you can tell when they are fully charged. You can bring both the charger and headphones to the gym, work, school, and even outside to maintain up to 14 hours of great music!

It is also designed to have a comfortable fit while revealing a sleek, modern design that is guaranteed to flow well with any outfit. As far as sound quality, it delivers an intense, rich bass that is similar to stereo speakers.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon
Pros: Cons:
Multi-Functionable Very high volume
Up to 14hrs battery life Decent call quality
Fast-pairing Bluetooth ability No equalizer settings
Water/sweat/dust resistant
Portable charging case
Exceptional sound quality
Affordable price
Sleek luxury design

Final Opinion:

Even though it delivers average call quality, these headphones are a great alternative if you want AirPods at a much affordable price while maintaining an exceptional sound and convenient charging capabilities.

General’s Rank: 9/10

Website/Where to Buy: Amazon https://amzn.to/3dmm4Po


Product Name: Boltune Bluetooth Wireless Headphones W/ Magnetic Connection

Price: $34.99

Pt Hours: 16hrs

Charge Time: 40 Mins

Call Capability: Yes


One of the reasons why headphones are so popular is because it allows you to hear the sounds head-on, rather than listening by ear. When I brought Boltune’s wireless headphones, I was surprised to know that it will enable you to experience just that, by giving three different eq levels that identify your listening preference.

Audience/Who Is It For?

These headphones are fabulous if you are a music lover that can listen to music all day with no restrictions and wants headphones that allow you to adjust your sound preference to your liking.

Product Overview

In terms of sound, you can’t get any better quality sound then these headphones, especially in regards to the price. Boltune is equipped with APT-X HD audio combined with high fidelity, which delivers excellent sound with the right bass level.

It is also designed to last up to 16 hours of playtime, that’s equivalent to 2 whole work shifts at once! You can do an intense workout or jog in the rain, and the headphones will not be impacted.

If you have different ways of listening to sound, Boltunes headphones come with 3 different equalizer modes suited for your best listening habits. What I like most about these headphones is that it is constructed to never fall off while running or exercising.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon
Pros: Cons:
Noise-cancelling Complicated controls
APT-X HD audio Controller weight might be heavy for some
Three equalizer settings
Resistant towards sweat and water
16 hours of playtime!
Constructed to never fall off while exercising

Final Opinion:

These headphones are fabulous for all-day use, and the sound quality Is outstanding. The controls might be complicated at once, but once you become used to it, you will be amazed at what $35 headphones will provide you in all aspects of quality.

General’s Ranking: 9.5/10

Website/Where to Buy: Amazon https://amzn.to/3fwIsHP

Option #3

Product Name: Otium Wireless/Bluetooth Headphones

Price: $18.99

Pt Hours: 9hrs

Charge Hours: 30 Mins

Call Capability: Yes


It’s hard to find headphones that can last more than 6 months, I had been through the struggle. When I first brought these headphones, I was concerned about them lasting a long time, but after using them every day, I was shocked by these Otium headphones being very durable. I have brought these headphones last spring and are still working correctly to this day.

Audience/Who Is It For?

These headphones are fabulous if you want wireless headphones for casual everyday use, without worrying about durability and wearing out over time.

Product Overview:

The sound quality is similar if not better than the Powerbeats, as you can hear the sound in a crisp matter along with the perfect bass level to match. What I like most about these headphones is that it is waterproof and durable.

You can walk outside in the rain with them on and will still work at full capacity. The playing time is around 9 hours with a 30-minute charge time, so about half in correlation to option #2. It is also equipped with one-button control, which makes changing music, making calls, and activating voice mode much more accessible.

A few things to note, however, is that if you press the button repeatedly, it will sometimes make the phone redial the last number that you called unexpectedly.

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon

Source: Amazon
Pros: Cons:
Noise-cancelling Automatically call someone if button is pressed incorrectly.
Durable from liquid/wear
9 hour playtime
Latest Bluetooth connectivity
One-button control
Good sound quality / great bass level

Final Opinion:

If you’re looking for wireless headphones for everyday use without worrying about durability issues, Otium is an excellent option. It delivers good sound quality and Bluetooth capabilities at a price that is considered the lowest compared to other Bluetooth headphones. I recommend these headphones for everybody.

General’s Rank: 9.5/10

Website/Where to Buy: Amazon https://amzn.to/2AcelFt






These 3 options are the headphones that I have used off Amazon and consider fabulous headphones given their qualities and price points. If you take good care of them on a day-to-day basis and charge them fully after the battery dies, you will have a good chance of keeping them for a good year or two.

I hope this review has been beneficial to you and is deciding on investing in one of the options I have mentioned. Thank you for reading and happy listening!

Peace & Positivity.