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Don’t you hate when you’re drinking through a straw, and you realize that the straw has split open without you noticing? Or having to spend money on a hundred straws only to use them one time and throw away. Another reason is just you wanting to not buy any more plastics and invest in something that will last long-term. That’s where metal straws come into play.

Metal straws help decrease solid plastic waste by 97%, reduce the making of plastic using fossil fuels, and assist ocean surface water. Using metal straws that are deemed safe for food and liquids such as Stainless Steel, Galvanized Steel, Copper, and aluminum, you help reduce the energy costs it makes to recycle plastic.

You are also saving money buying short plastic straws and prevent decomposing issues related to plastics. Here are three of the best metal straws that I have used throughout the years.

Product 1: Alink Long Stainless Steel Straws

Set: 8 Straws (4 Bent, 4 Straight)

Price: $6.99


• Includes 2 long brushes that will clean inside the straws thoroughly and conveniently.

• 10 ½ inches long, perfect for tumblers and reusable water bottles.

• A silicone tip is installed to provide protection from super cold and hot drinks.

• Made from FDA approved lead-free stainless steel.

• Rust and scratch-free

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


• Safe to use in very hot or cold drinks, as the silicone tip provides protection from heat and intense cold.

• Cleaning brush makes it easier to thoroughly clean the inside in hard to reach places.


• Silicone tip is very tight, so removing it would be a minor struggle.

• The size might be too long for specific glasses.

General’s Ranking: 9/10

Where To Buy: Amazon Site

Product 2: Grilljoy 13pc Reusable Metal Straws

Set: 13pc (4 Straight, 4 Bent, 2 Boba Straws)

Price: $9.99




• It comes with 2 cleaning brushes.

• 8.5 inch long straws.

• One 10 ½ inch carrying bag.

• 2 boba straws for dense smoothies and thicker drinks.

• Constructed using non-toxic, rust-resistant stainless steel.

Source: Amazon
Source: Amazon


• Easy to use on many glasses and cups.

• No aftertaste, smooth drinking experience.

• 2 boba straws make consuming thicker drinks easier.


• No silicone tip for protection.

• It might be too small for large tumblers and cups.

General’s Rank: 8.5/10

Where To Buy: Amazon Site

Product 3: Mosscoff Copper Straws

Set: 4 Individual Straws

Price: $14.99


• 100% pure copper metal

• 6.7 inches long

• Thoroughly polished and smooth edges

• Food safe lacquer added to keep its shine.

Source: Amazon


• Easy to handle

• 100% copper compared to stainless steel

• Able to fit most glasses

• Perfect for cocktails such as mules

• Smooth edges prevent inadvertent cutting on the tongue and lips


• No cleaning brush added

• Only a set of 4 straws

• Will not fit in large tumblers and glasses

General’s Rank: 8/10

Where To Buy: Amazon Site

When buying metal straws, make sure you don’t let it soak in water for long periods, as the protectant will possibly corrode and will be exposed to rusting. Other than that, I highly recommend investing in metal straws. It saves you money long-term, adds a class appeal to your kitchen, and will help protect the environment along the way. If you liked this article, feel free to comment below and share it with your family and friends. Thank you for reading, and I hope you enjoy these straws as much as I am to this day!

Peace & Positivity.

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12 thoughts on “Best Metal Straws

  1. As I am into green living. I always look for the products that are good for the planet. I feel like I’ve landed onto the right page for this.

    I do use the metal straws already and quite like them.

    Thank you for this amazing post and for spreading the knowledge.

    All the best.

  2. I had heard about metal straws before, but I didn’t know much about them. Now that I do know more about them, I’ll consider buying some in the future.

  3. Thanks for introducing us different kind of straws. I’m shocked to see so many design of metal straws for the first time. I prefer Alink Long Stainless Steel Straws that come with different colours of tips, this seems like a more happy and stylish design. Thanks again.

  4. Very useful and eco-friendly recommendation – the metal straws. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

    Wishing you all the very best in your success.

  5. Hi
    This is an important article about something that seems small but as you say is very necessary and impactful. We purchased stainless steel straws for our daughter some months back and they have been working well. I did not know about the risks you mention of destroying the coating by soaking for too long as I didn’t know there was a coating. Just one question about the cleaning device or brush – isn’t there also a risk that bacteria can form on these if they also are not cleaned regularly?

    1. Hey Andy,

      Yes some metal straws will contain a non-toxic coating that prevents rusting and corrosion. I didn’t know about it as well until I soaked a few of them in water overnight and realized they have began to rust the next morning. I wouldn’t say all straws will do it but it’s best to be cautious either way. As far as the cleaning brush yes it’s important to clean the brushes as well, especially if they contain fruit and vegetable content that can produce bacteria easily if not cleaned.

  6. Hi Joshua,

    Thanks for the recommendations for three types of glass straws, I think all of them look nice. But, I fall for the last one which is copper straws. I personally have straws made from stainless steel, so the cooper one looks refreshing.

    I wonder the difference between stainless steel and cooper? It will be nice you can help us with this.


    1. Hey Matt,

      Copper is more rust-preventable than stainless steel, but is less strong. I personally would prefer copper over steel appliances, but both metals are fantastic for multi-use such as the straws.

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