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In these uncertain times, you cannot go outside without the possibility of getting involved in possible conflict. According to WorldPopulationReview.com, a study showed that even though overall crime rates have declined, the numbers are still in a level that is considered high. For example, in 2016 the top two instances regarding crime in the US is Aggravated Assault and Robbery. With the population increasing year by year, it is certain that the number will increase over time. That’s why its important to have an extra layer of protection on you always, because you will never know what may happen.



Another reason could be if you’re getting into hunting or is an experienced hunter. Most people will buy a firearm for that instance, but other people might not be able to for a variety of reasons or is looking for a secondary weapon to accompany with the primary hunting weapon. That’s where pocket knives come into play. According to the American Knife and Tool Institute, 34 million hunters and anglers carry knives. With that being said, it is crucial to keep the knives at high quality regarding sharpness. The sharper the knife, the more efficient quality the knife will produce. In this article I will explain the best way to sharpen pocket knives, that will keep them looking good and producing good for an extended period.


Use a Whetstone.


A whetstone can be a wonderful way to sharpen any size of pocket knife. You don’t have to struggle to hold it in order to use effectively, just place it on a hard, dry surface and smoothly run the blade downwards on the coarse (rough) side, finishing out on the fine detailed side. This is easy for beginners to do, and it doesn’t take a lot of time especially if the knife is averagely sharp or is just looking to add an extra detail.



Keep it Clean.


One of the reasons why knives lose sharpness over time is by them not being cleaned properly. If you have particles or residue on the blade especially after hunting, it will stick to the surface and strip the blade of its sharpness. Another scenario could be leaving it out in the rain, or in heavy moisture area for extended periods of time, which may cause the blade to rust and corrode. To keep the knife’s sharpness, make sure you clean the blade at once after every use, and wipe it clean of water to prevent rusting.



Use a Hone Sharpener.


When it’s all said and done, the best way to sharpen knives is using a hone sharpener. It is the most commonly used tool and is often inexpensive depending on grit quality. One of the problems that may accrue is that the sharper will be too big to use for a pocket knife, which may lead to slippage and/or dulling the knife even more. Thankfully there are portable hull sharpeners available specifically for pocket knives, that will be more convenient and suitable for easy, safe sharpening.

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Use an Automatic Knife Sharpener.


This method is the easiest solution to sharpening pocket knives, especially if you’re short on time and need to sharpen your arsenal before heading out to hunt. All you need to do is lightly push the blade down and pull backward in the course slot for extra dull knives, and the fine slot for extra detail. When using an automatic knife sharpener, make sure you are using a straight knife instead of a jagged edge blade, because the rough grooves will not sharpen correctly and will damage the machine. If you do have a jagged blade, then make sure to get a sharpener that will allow you to straighten the blade, while sharpening at the same time.

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Pocket knives are an essential tool for everyday use. Whether it’s home improvement, mechanical work, hunting or self-defense, you cannot do all those things correctly with a dull knife. That’s why its important to keep your knife sharp and precise always, in which these options listed below will allow you to keep a well-toned blade that will supply impressive results. I hope that this article has helped you, if so, share it with other people who might find this information helpful. Thank you for reading and heave a blessed day!


Peace & Positivity.