6 thoughts on ““Black” by General-J

  1. Another awesome piece of art by general j. Honestly I wasn’t thinking that you would write anything less than this that you have written. I really do not understand why you have chosen to use that name black for the title of your poem but it’s still doesn’t take anything away from the quality of this work. I really do hope the dark days never come back. Nice post!

  2. This is such a great work of art that you have explained here within very few lines that I know most people would not comprehend it. I love poetry a lot. To me, it is one of the very few gifts that nature has left for us and I love it. Exaltation of various things within few words to encode. This piece is very great and I enjoyed the read

  3. A very good one by general j. Your poem is very nice to read and I like the way you always make your peot persona about a lover who is writing to his lover about his feelings. About their conquests and how he would love that they live together forever. This poem is very well written with all the very nice literary devices employed. I have to share this with my colleagues if you’d not mind.

  4. Isn’t it a little bit ironical to see that despite your constant mentioning of black, you later stated that your dar days were over. Wow! This seems a bit not so well understood by me though. Permit my little knowledge in the theories of literature and criticism. Thank you for sharing your pics with us though. Thank you. However, I would appreciate if you explain a little more for me.

    1. With black being one of my favorite colors, the title describes the events in relation to the color and the impact it has on my life.

  5. This reminds me of my high school days. This is when I began writing my poetry book “Letters to Juliet” , its a collection of poems I wrote from the time I fell in love with a girl named Juliet to the time we broke up. Up till now I still read that book and I realize how much love made me a good poet.

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