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What Is BlendJet?

Blendjet is a handheld wireless blender that blends fruits and vegetables using USB charged power, making it easy to carry throughout many places. It allows you to make smoothies at a comfortable and convenient level, preferably from sitting on your living room couch or outdoors at the pool or beach. It’s like having a personal water bottle with a blender attached.

Source: Blendjet.com

What is the Blendjet for?

The Blendjet can be for anyone that loves making smoothies and drinks but hates having to deal with the hassle of searching for a plug and cleaning up afterward. It can also be for athletes that work out consistently going to the gym and don’t have the time to make fresh smoothies. He/she can take the Blendjet with them, as it’s small enough to fit in a regular gym bag, along with some fruits and protein powder, and can make a pre-workout or post-workout smoothie without having to search for a plug.

The same can be said for outdoorsmen and women who go camping and hiking where there is no electricity available to make refreshing smoothies along the way.  If you an office worker and is in a rush, you can use a Blendjet to make great smoothies as a lunch substitute right from the comfort of your desk.

Technical aspects of Blendjet

The best thing about Blendjet is that it is not a typical portable blender. Blendjet is constructed with a 5V motor that makes the blade run at a rotating power rate of 22,000 RPM (Revolutions-Per-Minute). It makes it very powerful to cut and blend a variety of fruits and vegetables at an efficient speed.

Blendjet’s blades are crafted using six-point stainless steel blades, bent and fitted to produce fine-detailed blending at the high-level quality. As noted, Blendjet does not come with a cord. Instead, it is powered using a USB rechargeable battery, that is made to produce 8-12 servings per full charge.

The material and design of the Blendjet are constructed to be food-safe and free of potentially toxic chemicals, along with built-in safety features in which it would be impossible to turn the blender on without the jar being connected to its base. It is also equipped with a removable filter that will make your drinks free from pulp and unblended chunks.

Source: Blendjet.com

Blendjet Colors

Blendjet comes in 12 different colors suited to fit every personality, which makes choosing a Blendjet easier. The 12 shades are listed as planned:

Blendjet Colors
Black Red
Peppermint Light Green
Ocean Blue White
Purple Yellow
Lavender Dark Pink
Sky Blue

My favorite is the Sky Blue color, it helps bring out the drink and gives it a refreshing appeal.

Source: Blendjet.com

Pros of Blendjet

There are a lot of advantages when using a Blendjet. The blenders are easy to clean that only takes a small amount of warm water and soap followed by turning it on to ensure a full clean throughout the jar and lid. When it comes to crushing ice, Blendjets blades make crushing ice at a reasonable size very easy, especially if added after the liquids are blended.

It is also very portable, so it wouldn’t be a hassle trying to fit a blender into a backpack or gym bag without over-stuffing. It is not heavy and doesn’t require many add-ons to be packed along with the mixer itself. The best thing about the Blendjet is that you can charge it almost anywhere that has a USB port. That means you can charge it on your laptop, video game system, TV, car, or block plugin that fits into the wall.

The available color array makes choosing a Blendjet to fit your style and expression very compatible. Every Blendjet blender comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you had it during that period and is either unsatisfied or has gotten a malfunctioned product, you can return it for a full refund or exchange within those 30 days.

Cons of Blendjet

Every good thing comes with flaws, and Blendjet has a few of them to know before purchasing. First off, with it being a portable blender, it is not as big and full as traditional blenders, which means it would be impossible to add several varieties of items. If you decide to have a smoothie that consists of more than 2 fruits or veggies, it is better to use a regular blender.

If you want to use the Blendjet, then you might want to limit your items to two, not including the liquid and ice that is required as well. Another flaw is that it will take 2-3 hours to charge, so if you decide to take your Blendjet out to a place where electric plugins are limited, it is best to let it charge during a period when you’re at home for that amount of time.

If you want to take the lids off and wash them separately, you might encounter a problem where trying to remove the cover from the filter will be a problem, especially if your hands are wet. Make sure your hands and lids are dry so you can disassemble them easily. And finally, by the motor is different from ordinary kitchen blenders, crushing big ice cubes will become a problem. It is best to use small ice cubes to maximize the blending potential and to prevent the blade from possibly breaking.

Where to purchase your Blendjet

You can purchase a Blendjet on the company website, where it will give you a variety of options to choose from. You will also be accustomed to a section that contains recipes that you can use in regards to your blender. Overall I like this product a lot, and it is an excellent upgrade towards portable mixers. If you have a Blendjet, leave a comment below and let me know what you think about it! Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!

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