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Sitting in the corner couch near the glass window, the raindrops rushing down the windowpane with no hesitation.

My lasered eyesight beams towards her walking across the dimmed room, her scent of fresh citrus and lavender fulfills the empty space in my lungs.

I make my way towards her vibrant area, my smile bright and pure as snow.

She wraps her smooth silk covered arms around my neck while I whispered,

“just like God needs the rain to blossom the earth, I need our love to blossom our life.” 

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16 thoughts on ““Blossom.” by General-J

  1. Wow! This is simply great and I like the use of words here that blends perfectly with the mood and tone being portrayed here. Romance is an act that not very many poets could master through expression but you did so masterfully. The video was just excellent too. I look forward to more and more of your writings. Thanks for blessing us with this piece of writing

  2. Hi Josh, this is a really beautiful piece of art you have put up here. Poetry is one way to helping bring out our feelings and words we burn within to say. Poetry for me have been the most summarized was for poets to say a thousand words in feel lines without missing any point. Your diction here is really simple which would and have aided better understanding of this work. Best regards.

  3. Hello Joshua, this is a very good poem I have to commend you. I have not seen anyone give so much information in short a short poem like you have done here. It is really beautiful this one and I think this lines are enough to woo a lady. You sound like a good orator having read your recitation there with those sounds in the background 

  4. Joshua congratulates you on being able to overcome the difficulties and with dignity you have built a good life, instead of turning to alcohol or drugs. Your poetry is sensitive and I really like it. In high school I also wrote poems, but then I took my life.

    All the best to you

  5. Hi there,

    What a beautiful song, I really loved the melodie:) And the words are beautiful too! I wish my husband could say nice words like this:) I feel very attracted to writing, and I was thinking of taking some courses online. Will you give courses? I really like your writing style. Also, how much will it cost for such course?

    I would love to know all this info.

    Thank you for this fantastic post

    1. Thank you Daniella I’m glad you loved it, I don’t offer courses right now, but in my bio there’s a link to the course I took that you may be interested in.

  6. I have really enjoyed sitting here quietly listening to and reading these thought provoking and inspiring stories, I love the relaxing music too, it sends me into a kind of trance, this is a very interesting and emotionally charged niche that you have chosen for your website, I am impressed, I have bookmarked this site and I will be coming back for more, thank you for sharing. 

  7. Wow, this actually made my day surfing online today, I’ve really enjoyed reading through and the romantic atmosphere depicted in the post really makes it sweet to read over and over again. I really love the last part that compares love with rain, “just like God needs the rain to blossom the earth, I need our love to blossom our life”. I really enjoyed reading through and I love the post. 

  8. I like your choice of words to describe how smells as she crosses the room. You can almost feel her arms wrapping around me as you describe her smooth silk covered arms.

    The writing is such that I felt and sensed the feelings of love and alertness to someone else showing love towards me. 

    I love the style of how this is written.

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