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We were together for a while,

seems like an eternity.

Open cases of our stability broken across the floor,

refusing to clean up our mess of disaster.

Leaving the muddle of thoughts rot for months at a time,

the fumes of the lies and deception makes it hard to breathe again.

Tell me the stories of your experiences,

claiming to have a change for the future.

Now tell me the stories of your future plans,

as each day passes you go back to your past.

The false claims of emotion you speak,

goes in and out with a side of a fried broken bond.

Progression is one of the keys of life,

live to learn and learn to forget.

Good memories last forever in the mind,

painful experiences last forever in the soul.

Your name and meaning is crossed of the list of experiences,

transitioning into a next act of the everlasting love play.

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