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When we wake up in the morning, we often have the feeling of not wanting to get out of bed. Instead we lay there and stare at our fully charged iPhone or Galaxy, scrolling across the negative content that is first presented to us to start the day. Then once we finally get up, it only gives us less then 10 minutes to prepare ourselves and boom, we’re out the door. That combined with the daily double shot espresso from Starbucks, we are setting the tone for a long, dreadful, stress-filled day that we are accustomed to. That has been me ever since my junior year in high school. I have noticed that the more I lay in bed, the more tired I feel throughout the day. So, I came up with solutions that will somehow make my mornings better, and will give me positive energy needed to function through the day heading into the night. These solutions have worked for me the past few months, and I’m willing to share them with you so you can have a more bright and productive morning!

1: Go to sleep 1-2 hours earlier than normal.

When I lay in my bed at night, I consider that my “free time”. That’s when I would either watch a show that I’ve been binge watching, or spend hours scrolling across social media until I eventually pass out to sleep with my phone still in my hands. Instead of wasting what could’ve been precious sleep hours, when you first lay down shut your phone off or put it in airplane mode and turn on some calm relaxing music to make you drift off to sleep faster. If you also want to you can take some melatonin to make you become more tired, you can check out my most favorite and efficient melatonin supplement here. Not only will you gain more hours of quality sleep, when you wake up in the morning you will feel more refreshed, and ready to start your day.

2: Listen to a podcast/interview.

Instead of spending your morning routine on Facebook and twitter getting mostly negative information, try looking up podcasts on your favorite topics and listen to them while getting yourself ready for the day. Not only will it save you time, but you will get positive information that will motivate you to become more productive and willing to achieve your daily tasks. A few of my favorite podcasts I listen to every morning is “Knowledge for Men” by Andrew Ferebee, and Oshay Duke Jackson on YouTube. I realized that getting motivational positive information will not only make me become more productive, but it gives me a bright feeling knowing I’m getting such powerful knowledge that can make my life better in every aspect.

3: Take a short walk outside before work.

If you have free time by following the past 2 tasks, use that time to spend at least 15 minutes taking a short walk or jog around the block while listening to your favorite music or podcast. By doing that you will feel more active and refreshed, and it’s good to get in the fresh morning dew breeze. It is even better if you have a pet, because you’ll be spending quality time with him/her while also getting a good 15 minutes of exercise, it’s a win-win situation.

4: Never skip breakfast.

When we are short on time, we usually head to Starbucks or caribou on our way to work and grab the sugar packed latte along with a grease filled frozen sausage egg and cheese sandwich. However, if you’re able to save time, you can substitute the fast food by making a nice bowl of oatmeal or healthy cereal, or even making a nice fruit and yogurt smoothie if you have a blender. It will give you the necessary nutrients needed to function throughout the day, and you will feel better than drowning in caffeine every morning.

5: Meditate.

Meditation is the number one key to having a more calm, relaxed mindset. The best part about meditation is that it can be whatever you consider it to be, such as taking a 30-minute shower, sitting outside on the porch listening to the birds, reading the Bible and prayer, yoga, listening to music, whatever you consider peaceful. It will stimulate your mind to become more positive spirited, and you will head out the door with a happy feeling ready to take on life’s tasks. Me personally I consider Meditation to be the most important task in having a great morning.

In conclusion, we are all human. We have emotions and we have moments when we just don’t want to do anything but sleep all day long. But by following these 5 tasks you will be able to contain those emotions and become more positively charged for the day. It doesn’t have to be every single day but spending 5 out of the 7 mornings doing these 5 tasks will benefit you in the long run, and you will notice it sooner than you think. I hope these points have benefited you, feel free to leave a comment if it has worked out for you, or if you have done something different that has benefited your mornings!


Peace & Positivity.

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6 thoughts on “How To Make Mornings Better

  1. Thank you for those jewels. I believe I can utilize at least two of your action steps. For me those steps include not skipping breakfast and meditation before work. These are essential and doable. Thank you once again.

  2. Excellent article and very true. My partner and I live by the many positive changes you recommend for a great morning. Like you, I wholeheartedly agree with daily meditation and walks outside a few times a week. One of my personal preferences.

    Great ideas and suggestions, but more importantly, they work.

    Thank you for sharing!

  3. Hi, Joshua. Great article! I can totally relate. I’m definitely not a morning person. I frequently have a hard time getting up in the morning, especially Mondays. I hate the alarm clock and I sometimes feel like throwing it out the window lol. I have tried some of your recommendations and I have had mixed results. For example, whenever I’ve tried to go to bed earlier, it has turned out I feel more tired the following day than when I sleep less hours. This has happened to me as strange as it sounds.
    I used to go the gym before work, but I stopped doing it after some time. I had to get up really early and I didn’t really feel more energized for the rest of the day. They say working out helps you with stress and sleeping better, but it hasn’t been my case. I guess I’m the exception.
    I think I dread mornings because I have a job I hate. I have tried to put up with it, but it has all been in vain. I definitely need to change careers. That’s why I’m working hard towards that.
    Thank you for your article. Keep up the good work!

  4. Thank you for this great post! I think it’s very important to start the morning with positive energy. I will implement some of your points into my life. I have to try out meditation because I never did that before.
    There is also one more thing: Going to bed and waking up always at the same time helped me to be more rested in the morning. It also helped me to be more structured in my everyday life.

  5. Josh,

    This article is a great reminder for all of us. I (and most of us) know how bad it is to sleep with a cell phone in the same room, let alone in BED with us! You have reminded me that I need to make a change, and starting TODAY, I am going to put my cell phone in a different room at night. This will also make me actually get up to turn my alarm off instead of hitting snooze 3 times.
    Another thing I have always done to set the tone for the day, is be sure to make my bed in the morning. It gets you in the mindset of being productive and a clean house eases the mind. It takes 1 minute…and who doesn’t like getting in a freshly made bed?!
    Again, great article and I will take all 5 of these things into consideration.

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