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Water is one of the necessary requirements of resources we need in order to survive, but in today’s climate that might come with a warning tag. According to Artywater.com, up to 2.5 billion people worldwide do not have access to an improved water source, which makes investing into a water purifier of any sort much more necessary nowadays. But what about distilled water? Is distilled water safe to drink since it is found in many stores as often an exceptionally low price than other filtered water? I will explain why it is often safe but as a cost.

Distilled water is water that has been through a purification process called distillation, which removes chemicals and toxic material in a form of heating and cooling, using the steam as an extract and condensing it back into water form. Distillation is based on different boiling points within the process, in which water’s boiling point is 100 degrees Celsius activates the distillation process.

By distilled water removing toxic chemicals, it also removes all essential minerals within it, leaving only plain water. By drinking distilled water, it might be possible to attract the minerals in your body to maintain its form and balance. Therefore, you might lose essential minerals from places needed the most, such as the fatty tissues, liver, and teeth. Drinking distilled water overtime might lead to more minerals being lost in the body, which can lead to other health problems.

Even though distilled water is without its minerals, it is still considered the cleanest form of water. It is removed from all heavy metals and contaminants found in tap water and is free from fluoride and other chemicals. So, you won’t have to worry much about drinking distilled water and consuming those toxins. However, by it being so pure, it will give off a flat taste that might not be as desirable as drinking purified water. Most people don’t use distilled water normally for drinking. It can be used as a way to clean automobiles, sanitization for hospitals, humidifiers, planting, and beauty products just to name a few.

So, to answer your question, Is drinking distilled water safe? If you decide to have a glass or two, it should not be any problems as its just pure water that has been vaporized and chilled back into liquid form. However, if you drink distilled water on a constant basis, and is not on a nutrient-dense diet, the water might strip away vital minerals from key places within your body.

My personal solution would be to ditch the distilled water and invest in a faucet filter, as it will do the same job as distilled water but will retain its vital minerals. My favorite water purifier is the Waterdrop Faucet Filter, I am still using it after 2 months and is still getting great, purified water that is way tastier than regular distilled water. I hope this article has helped you, fell free to share this post with others who may wonder if distilled water is safe to drink. Thank you for reading and have a blessed day!