8 thoughts on ““Lotus Mary.” by General-J

  1. Not only did I love this poem, but I loved the format of your site.  I like that I can read the poem, or listen to it with the music playing, which makes it even more powerful.  It conjured up images of a beautiful field on a warm summer day.  I could literally hear crickets chirping and singing in the trees and feel the wind across my face.  I could smell the jasmine and rose and it was a wonderful 17 seconds of bliss.  Thank you so much.  Great site!

  2. Poetry is a delight to my heart and ecerytime I see the beauty embedded in each pie e and how the poet has coined different words creatively to fit in perfectly.  This lotus Mary by general J has an undertone of gratitude and appreciation and it is very cool. I will definitely be a full time subscriber of this site and make sure to follow all of your works posted. Thanks for poetically blessing the world

  3. Wow, nice lyrics as well as nice music. If I will say about the lyrics, then I have to say it is amazing. There are some deep emotions I got inside of the lyrics. Sometimes, we come across with some lyrics which really blown our mind and this lyric is one of them I have yo say. I love to read lyrics and listen to music when I get free time. It makes our mind fresh I will share this post with my all friends. Thanks a lot.

    1. I really appreciate the love thank you, I must say the music made it 100 times better than it already is, and yes feel free to share it!

  4. As a student of literature, this post appeals to me as a woman wwhonwas broken and was made whole again by a man. In the second standard she she showed appreciation him and after her transformation she began to glow, displaying qualities that have been long kept  away from everyone to him (possibly love, care, attention) to him and because of these qualities, he would forever cherish her. My opinion, thanks for sharing such beautiful piece.

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