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As I move across the sweltering desert, gasping each dry breath with my maximum effort, the finely grained sand sizzling into the palms of my battered hands.

I notice the sounds of hissing rattlesnakes following my trail, daring me to fall in their trap of surrender and defeat.

I continue to crawl through the grimacing pain and struggle, the beaming sun burning through my eyes into the rafts of my inner spirit.

I can no longer move forward, the angry snakes become more savagely vulnerable, I feel the piercing bites of motivation causing me to move faster.

I fall to my face passing out of desperation and agony, as I open my bloodshot eyes in recovery, I feel the chilling flow of the lake-shore I have desperately fought for months.

Surprised and shocked in amazement, I see the rattlesnakes moving past me into the horizon in a team that has completed its goal.

To force me to reach my destination in life, no matter the pain and adversity that comes along.