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Good morning April, your flower scent flows through my room while I hold you.

Keeping you close like a found child, never letting go of your blossoming curves.

I kiss your body with my lips, make yourself dripping with sensual pleasure.

So many ways to grow within our intimate bond, forever I will keep you raining inside your tights.

After months of experiencing cold moments, let us come together and make our love re-born.

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3 thoughts on ““Spring-mazing.” by General-J

  1. I’m a little confused about this writing. The image immediately let’s me know it is sexual in nature and as I read it I almost feel like it’s to aggressive. I’m not sure I get the “forever I will keep you raining inside your tights.”

    I really liked your last writing but this one was a little to much for me. Maybe it’s because I am over 50 and a little more conservative.

    I do love your writing style though.

  2. Hey, I like the design of your blog, simple and fascinating, you have got a great blog image too. This is the most romantic poet I have read online all day.  This type of poet comes from the heart no doubt, I will surely share it with my partner. Thank you for this great piece. 

  3. Love this intimate poetry to describe the relationship with someone you like no matter mental or physical. While I listen to the short recording for this, your sound resonates with the wordings a lot which makes me reminisce my ex. I could imagine the scene when you fall in love with someone so deep that you cannot get her out of your head and keep thinking of her. That’s the reason we call it true love!

    The experience of falling in love is precious and I hold I could use the same type of passion as you did to make my partner understand how much I cherish the quality time we share together.

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